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Oct 28, 2012 11:00am EDT
. the u.s. is attractive compared to others around the world. the takeoff is scoming but won't come in time. chris: a lot of things going on. every voter has to look at a lot of issues. women and what they have to decide on. at the same time that we have this economic question, it's out there, it's a question. there's a lot of rhetoric coming from the republican right, murdoch and indiana and todd akin in missouri that would seem offensive to the middle of the road woman. and you look at these numbers they seem to be closing. the so-called gender gap seems to be closing in favor of romney. >> because women are also looking at economic factors. and so it's not just looking at health factors. you got two parallel messages. the obama compane talking to women and saying your health interests will not be protected under president romney. and look at what the far right of the republican party is saying. is that what you want when if comes to issues like contraception and abortion? you have the republicans appealing to women saying you would be hit badly by the economy. we will protect you
Oct 8, 2012 12:00am PDT
: welcome back. vice president joe biden, u.s. congressman paul ryan have their vice-presidential debate, the only one, this thursday, which brings us to the obvious big question for us, who's going to win? sam? >> i expect ryan to come out like mitt romney, a raging bull. but i expect biden not to play barack obama. i watched biden. i think he'll counterpunch and do it effectively and i think if he does, he wins. chris: any thoughts? >> there will be a lot of worries. this will be very interactive and a great debate. i'll wait before i see it. >> no fair. >> she reserves the right. >> i'm going to call it a draw. i think joe biden is pretty good in debates. and paul ryan is very smart. i think he's going to have a great night. i think they're going to meet -- chris: one thing about the media i'm not a media critic, but i think we say gaffe and in his case i think we are gaffes and used the wrong word and could have said the middle class is being squeezed instead of buried and no comment about it but if somebody says something in the back room and i don't give a damn about half the count
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)